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We are a cycling-loving, community-based, voluntary group whose aim is to make cycling in Sligo town and county safe, enjoyable and popular for people of all ages and abilities.

We advocate for safer, healthier and quieter roads and streets. We are a voice for individuals and families who like to walk, pedal, wheel, scoot and use public transport.

We aim to raise public awareness of the numerous benefits of cycling and walking for individuals and for the public realm and to promote all aspects of active travel as a normal daily activity.

As a member of, the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network we are a strong national voice promoting safe cycling routes to school, to the workplace, to shops or cafés, to leisure activities, or just to meet up with friends.

We join with in support of the Rural Cycling Collective campaign to make rural communities cycle-friendly for all ages and abilities, to re-balance the debate on active travel so that everyday journeys by bike across rural Ireland are enabled and supported.


We support both the Sligo Leitrim Northern Counties Railway and the Sligo Greenway Co-op Ltd. as routes for local access services and for tourists to enjoy our wonderful natural amenities. We support Euro Velo1 Atlantic in our region.

Cycling is such a wonderful way of getting around, it's quick and convenient, economical, sustainable, healthy, sociable, & it's fun!


Help us to make Sligo and it's surroundings a great safe place to cycle every day.

Who Are We

The current officers of Sligo Cycling Campaign




Gemma Woods

Granny,  retired Laboratory Technician, qualified Cycle Right Instructor. Loves to cycle, loves to see more people cycling  - our planet needs it!



Catherine Molony

Novice Enthusiastic Cyclist, grateful for the efforts being made to make cycling and walking safer and more enjoyable. Much done but still much more to do!

Joan Swift

Enjoying the 3rd Age on my bike! Longing for Ireland and Sligo to have cycling infrastructure that gives us the choice to cycle for everyday trips. Environment College Rep on Sligo Co Co Sustainable Policy Committee for Infrastructure and Environment.



Nessa Cosgrove

Mother, Youth Worker. Would love to see Sligo as a safer place for everyone to walk, play and cycle in. It makes sense!


What We Do


Join Us


Are you interested in the benefits of active travel?

Do you love to cycle, scoot, walk or run?

Would you like to see your children cycle to school?

Do you want to be healthier?

Would you like to reduce your carbon footprint?

Why not join Sligo Cycling Campaign as a committee member or a supporter and help to make Sligo town and County a great place where sustainable travel is the norm.


Membership is free and open to all Co Sligo residents.
As a member you will have a say in how our group operates and in what cycling
infrastructure  improvements  we should lobby for.

Organise and participate in fun events to celebrate cycling and raise awareness of its role in everyday transport. 

Thanks to sponsorship from Sligo County Council we organise cycling events during National Bike Week each year.


Make submissions, where possible, to relevant authorities on infrastructure planning proposals, highlighting issues relevant to cyclists and would be cyclists.

Liaise and work with other groups, such as, Sligo Tidy Towns, Sligo Environmental Network and the Love 30 national campaign, who have shared interests with us.

Represent sustainable travel on various committees and give interviews to the media.

Strive to improve safety for all cyclists and to encourage mutual consideration, understanding, and respect between cyclists, motorists, and pedestrians.


Together we make cycling in Sligo better, for those who want to cycle to work, school, exercise or just for pleasure.

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