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Proposed Amendments to planning conditions for Part 8  Development of 62 Social Housing units at Robbers Lane 

Sligo Cycling Campaign welcomes Sligo County Council’s proposal to build a social housing scheme close to schools, shops and recreational amenities. However, we are very concerned that the proposed provision for cycling does not comply with

1. National Guidance (Department of Housing)

2. Draft Vision for Sligo 2030 or

3. With the stated aim of the Part 8 Report, ie to facilitate cycling. Cycling is to be significantly encouraged as part of the development.

In our opinion, it will be necessary to amend the proposals in order to bring the proposed development into alignment with these documents..

Recommendations regarding Active Travel for the
County Development Plan 2023-2029
PO corner Tandem .jpg

Sligo Cycling Campaign is very pleased to see the emphasis on Sustainable Transport in the Issues paper published to facilitate discussion on the new County Development Plan.

We unreservedly welcome the statement that “Cars occupy too much space in towns and cities. The limited available public space should be used more efficiently for cycling, walking and various forms of public transport.

The mobility of the future entails interlinked, attractive, resource-efficient and climate-friendly means of transport, contributing to a high quality of life in urban areas and well-connected rural areas.

Sligo 2030 One Voice one Vision - Our Submission

Sligo Cycling Campaign is pleased to have the opportunity to respond to the consultation re the Draft Sligo 2030 One Voice One Vision.


Enabling active mobility will be an essential part of ensuring that the “Green”, “Sustainable” “Smart” and “Climate Leadership” elements of the Vision are enacted. We request that our feedback be taken on board and incorporated into the final version of the plan.

Review National Development Plans - Our Submission
Image by Martin Magnemyr

The Government is reviewing the NDP so as to bring it into line with the Programme for Government objectives agreed last year.

The revised plan will be published in the summer.

One of the criteria used to assess capital projects will be Government Climate Action targets.

Sligo Cycling Campaign's submission argued that a key part of cutting emissions from transport is to provide for active travel.

Ours was one of 572 submissions received by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform  

RSA Strategy 2021 -2030 Our Submission

Measures that enable active travel for all, improve health, well-being, air quality and liveability of communities, reduce congestion, pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are among the measures Sligo Cycling Campaign believes should be prioritised in the RSA Strategy 2021 - 2030.

Sligo County Council Urban Realm - Our Submission

We promote an urban design that prioritises pedestrians, cyclists, parents with buggies, those using mobility aids, people of all ages and abilities, for streets that are more walkable, cycleable, safe and attractive in design.

Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024 - Our Submission
Kathleen 2.jpg

Sligo Cycling Campaign appeals for more robust objectives relating to Active Travel, to be included in the forthcoming Corporate Plan 2020 - 2024.

9/6 /2020
Sligo County Council Covid Mobility Plan - Our Submission

Sligo Cycling Campaign outlines to Chief Executive Officer Ciaran Hayes, both Short and Long Term Public Health Mobility Measures, to allow for safe social distancing during the pandemic.

Department of Transport Sustainable Mobility - Our Submission
Urban Biking

Our vision for sustainable mobility is to see people of all ages and ability have a realistic and safe option of cycling or walking on a daily basis. To see a fairer balance of investment to be given to the development of cycling infrastructure in both rural and urban town and cities.

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