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Sligo Cycling Campaign Survey regarding access to the
Western Distributor Road
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How easy do you find it to get to the Western Distributor Road and could it be a #RouteToSchool?
The opening of Sligo’s Western Distributor Road in early January coincided with the reintroduction of Covid Level 5 measures and the reimposition of a 5km restriction on travel for exercise. Since its opening, the road’s walking, and cycling paths have proven hugely popular. “Some thousands of households are within easy walking or cycling distance of the WDR, whether from the East via Caltragh/Crozon, the centre via Oakfield/Ballydoogan or the West via the Strandhill Road/FirstSea Road area” said Joan Swift, Chair of Sligo Cycling Campaign.
“The Campaign would like to know how people find the walk or cycle from their home to the start of the WDR and are currently undertaking an online Survey to find out what people think of the access route from their home”. said Swift. The Survey link can be found at and on our FB page, Sligo Cycling Campaign and on Twitter @SligoCycling. “At the moment with schools closed and people working from home, traffic on the route is light. However, this will not always be the case. The road has been designed in order to facilitate journeys to the Finisklin Business Park and to remove traffic from the N4.
It will also serve as a driving route to Summerhill College, Gaelscoil Chnoc na Ré, and Scoil Ursula”, stated Gemma Woods, PRO for SligoCycling Campaign.” “Currently the Western DistributorRoad is a recreational route for people walking and cycling” she added “but we believe it could also serve as a pilot for a flagship active travel #SafetoSchool route. This is part of the motivation for a survey to see how people experience accessing the route.”
Sligo Cycling Campaign would be very grateful if Weekender readers who walk or cycle on the Western Distributor Road would complete the survey and share their views. the survey is anonymous and does not request any personal information”. END
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